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Milkwood Lifestyle Village welcomes you to start a new chapter of your life with peace of mind and surrounded by beautiful, serene scenery. Located along the Mtentweni River in Ukusa River Estate, Sea Park, Port Shepstone, KwaZulu-Natal, Milkwood has all the perks of being in a town, while being away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

  • Quiet and peaceful yet secure
  • Fully-equipped frail care facility
  • Comprehensive service centre
  • Well-priced yet upmarket units

Secure, safe and plenty of amenities, Milkwood Lifestyle Village seeks to bring you everything you could want, without straying too far from your comfort zone.

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Living Life to the Fullest

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It’s important to maintain an active and independent lifestyle, regardless of your age. At Milkwood Lifestyle Village, you can enjoy an active lifestyle and simultaneously have the security and peace of mind of proper care and support services. Our retirement village is developed not only to provide residents with a convenient place to live, but also 24-hour frail care, support in emergencies, security and healthy interaction with other retirees. In contrast with the majority of retirement villages, the Frail Care will be in phase 1 and the Service Centre in phase 2. This provides buyers with the peace of mind that all facilities will be readily available from the day they occupy their units. The service and frail care centres offer the following facilities to improve the quality of life of our residents:

  • Modern and fully-equipped 24-hour frail care unit
  • Salons: hair and beauty
  • Medical consultation rooms (GP and physiotherapist)
  • Transport service
  • Dining hall
  • Shaded parking
  • Dining room can be rented for functions
  • Kiosk
  • Library
  • Post boxes
  • Lounge
  • Elevators in the apartment blocks

For simplex units, residents are welcome to bring along their small dogs, however, acquiring new ones after moving into the village will require the approval of the body corporate.

If you are not ready to buy now, you can add your name to the waiting list with no obligation to buy.

Upmarket Apartments & Homes For Sale

Milkwood is a sectional title complex where homes are owned. Apartments and simplexes have a price tag to suit your pocket: Starting from only R440,000 – R1,3 million.

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  • Bachelor units
  • 1-bedroom units
  • 2-bedroom units
Milkwood unit 1 Milkwood unit 1
Milkwood unit 2 Milkwood unit 2
Milkwood unit 3 Milkwood unit 3
Milkwood unit 3


  • 2-bedroom, 2 bathroom homes
  • 3-bedroom, 2 bathroom homes
Milkwood simplex Milkwood unit 1 Milkwood unit 4 Milkwood unit 5 Milkwood unit 6 Milkwood unit 7

All homes are within the secured estate with an on-site restaurant, convenience shop, medical and security panic button, transport, frail care, a doctor’s consultation room and wound care facilities. Your purchase at Milkwood Lifestyle Village extends past the ownership of your home that you will occupy. There is security with added panic buttons, basic health care, essential nutrition (meals), convenience stores, reliable and safe transportation to and from shops and other amenities, and a thriving social life with other retirees. There is also medical assistance in the form of wound care, and access to further care is available if and when required.

Service Centre - Convenience at its Best

Milkwood services

Milkwood Lifestyle Village was designed with utmost convenience, and affordability, in mind. The services and facilities available ensure a high quality of life that can accommodate everyone equally.

Additional Information

  • All common areas are cleaned and maintained by our staff members.
  • Gardens are serviced and maintained by the trustees.
  • All buildings are insured.
  • Transport is provided to and from shops and amenities.
  • Basic health care is included in the levy.
  • Guards control the access points of the village (24/7).
  • Emergency support and home-based care is available.
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There is a restaurant that offers lunch on a daily basis (10 meals per month are included in the monthly levy). The restaurant also caters for special occasions (accompanied by special prices too).

Consulting Rooms

A doctor’s consulting room forms part of the service centre for a local doctor and physiotherapist to consult. Separate rates apply.

Hair & Beauty

A hair salon and beauty salon is available, with competitive rates and amazing specials.


A convenience cafe is open with daily necessities such as bread, milk and hygiene essentials.

Frail Care - Your Health, Our Priority

Milkwood services

Residents and owners have preferential occupation, depending on availability. A preferential rate will apply. There is a variety of home care services and frail care is not subsidised by the residents or levies as it is run by an external company.

Home-Based Care

This service can be delivered to residents in the privacy of their own home. This may typically include those individuals who need assistance for a short period of time, specifically recovering after a major illness or hospitalisation. It may also include residents who become dependent and need some level of nursing and assistance on a more permanent basis. Home-based care includes personal care, bathing, dressing and feeding. Care packages can normally range between 1–24 hours of care per day. Charges for this service can be discussed with the Frail Care Operator at the village as care packages are priced individually and based on a nursing assessment conducted at the village.

Emergency Support

Each unit receives a panic button which will allow residents to call for assistance in case of an emergency, 24 hours a day. Frail care staff will respond, monitor and stabilise the resident. After assessment, the resident will either be referred to a medical practitioner or an ambulance will be arranged.

Frail Care Service

Residents who are unable to take care of themselves and require full nursing care and support can be admitted to the Frail Care Centre. This is a 24-hour service and residents can either be admitted on a permanent or temporary basis. All Frail Care rooms are tastefully decorated and furnished to create a homely ambience. Staff in the Frail Care Centre consist of a combination of senior sisters, staff nurses, nursing auxiliaries and caregivers who are fully-trained to fulfil the professional frail care nursing requirements.

  • Administration of prescribed medication
  • Monitoring of blood pressure and/or blood sugar
  • Monitoring of fluid intake and output and dietary intake

Ongoing or periodic procedures involving injections, suture removals, wound and catheter care

  • Personal hygiene and dressing
  • Mobilisation and pressure care
  • Ongoing communication with resident GPs and/or specialists
  • Monitoring of emotional disposition and mental stimulation

Residents who require frail care can contact the Frail Care Operator who will do the necessary assessments. The frail care service is for the residents’ own account and includes a 24-hour nursing care, refreshments, housekeeping and laundry service for the duration of their stay.